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2 years ago


Cannabis is believed to have originated in the mountainous regions just north of the Himalayas in India. It is also known as weeds, though this term usually refers to cannabis cultivated for non-drug use. source

I made a research before I introduce or tell about myself, I am actually not into cannabis but in my family I am with people who are into it, my husband was a cannabis user and stoner before but when we finally met he actually quitted, since our Government became more strict on it, before I met him he actually in and out from jail because of those phohibited drugs, in our country cannabis is illegal that's why I called them prohibited. Our Government has this "OPLAN TOKHANG" meaning the word Tokhang was derived from two Visayan words “Toktok” (knock) and “Hangyo” (plead). The policemen will visit houses of drug personalities and urged them to turn themselves to the government and quit from their involvement in the illegal drugs, that is their campaign but actually it didn't went smoothly as what they stated on their campaign, everytime they go for a knock you will read or watch from news that there were killed people which is very sad.

What makes me join this community, first reason is because I am a crypto enthusiast which is I want to earn from this platform, I am just being honest. I was invited with my fellow crypto enthusiast. Secondly, I want also to share my experiences dealing with people who are into smoking and stoning since members of my family were into it, actually my nephew is into cannabis business secretly, actually there are couple of times that policemen came into our house and look for my nephew that's why he transferred into another place, for their safety from the policemen who keep on searching for him. Then my final reason for joining this community is I want to know if cannabis can cure my illness, I have this auto-immune disorder, if you know Selena Gomez, we actually have the same illness. I have read that cannabis can ease muscle pain, Lupus patient always have this joints pain and muscle pain. I hope some medical group in our country will go on further studies about the medicinal benefits from it and I have this gut feeling that this might help my condition, sometimes I want to try it but I am afraid since it is still illegal in our country, I'll just wait until my country declare it as a medicine :)
Anyway I have no against to those people who are into Cannabis infact I am happy dealing with them especially when they are high, they bring so many foods and they are very funny actually even the most boring joke they cried laughing at it, so weird hahaha!!!

Thank you for spending your time reading about me, my understanding about cannabis, I hope you all guys still welcome me here, even if I am not smoking weeds yet, eventually I will, if my country declare it as a medical cannabis, I guess it is under negotiation now.


  • I will bring more goodies to satisfied your munchies
  • I want to converse with smokers and learn new things from them
  • Help promoting smoke
  • To learn more medical benefits from smoking cannabis



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