Intro | How big is your biggest joint!?

2 years ago

What is up smokers!

It's Mo. Waybeyondpadthai everywhere but..

Waybeyondmunchie(s) over here.

Couldn't fit the 's' in.. They say, it's way too long.


Not much of smoking..

Sounds lame on Smoke blockchain, not that I not know..

Though, for the munchies , I'm all in.


Oh! Have you heard of 'ASMR' ?

You think munchies and ASMR could be related?


Somehow sounds fun and..

Somehow sounds gross, ain't it?

Anyways, how big is your biggest joint? :)

Here's mine.


Glad to be here.

Mo ❤

GG4.pngsmallest pipe.pngloveliest bud.pngRandom bong hit.png

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welcome to SMOKE.IO hope you have a great time most not be a smoker to make it here D;;;


Ha! Thanks! Glad to be here :)

welcome, and followed!


Thanks a lot!! and thanks for the resmoke! :)

Sawasdee krab ;)


Oh my, you scared me a bit there!!! Did I say I'm from where?? or you just guessed it as it's waybeyond 'Pad Thai'?? LOL I might just like eating it :P

AWESOME to see another familiar face on here!


Thanks a lot! I have seen you everywhere here but really not on Steem. Maybe it's so small but yet so big still. I went search and still couldn't find you... hahha

Thanks for the welcome and yes! glad to be here :)

LOL, munchies. I bet you make killer munchies, glad you're on Smoke. =)


Not sure about making but I'm hungry again already.. haaa :D


All of her posts about food. Lemme go and figure this haha


That's why it's going to be way beyond munchies Artttt! :D hahaha

Hey hahaha I thought I recognized this name somewhere. Welcome to Smoke!


All of this people around blockchains! Great to see you here!


Creep! LOLOL


Thanks! Glad to see you here and yes yes yes, 'What I can do with 5 smoke?' PLEASEEEE! :) hahhaha




Hahaha maybeee, would be fun

hey what you have behind you? you bring attention with that wood or what's is it ??it seems a monkey LOL


LOLOL It's just a wood I assume.