What’s up fellow smoke-Ian’s!! First post on here, was recommended by @closetcanada !! I’m fairly new to growing, roughly for 3 years, been a habitual smoker for well over ten tho! Canadian living in USA BABY I mostly try messing with autoflowers and highly recommend mephisto genetics if any of y’all are wanting to see what all the autoflower hype is about!! Cut your grow times in half while still producing above 20% thc buds!! Here’s a photo of gold glue from mephisto genetics on my Instagram! 22EA8FE7-74C0-401E-B5C9-2CC6ACC5B21B.png

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welcome! Ive been interacting with closetcanada on steem for a good while.


You are one of the people he recommended I follow cheers!

Great post !! Feel like you’ll enjoy this platform a lot more then steem🙏🔥🌱✌️🐺


Much better than steem lol

all right, grower. Keep us updated on your grow diary and have a warm welcome!

Can't wait see some tips from an auto grower.


Excited to give and receive input!

Welcome! Funny I just had a look at some auto seeds from sweetbud. Also Canadian genetics and the plants mature in 8 - 9 weeks just crazy! You gonna love smoke it's your new home :P


8-9 weeks sounds wayyyy fast, which is great for me cuz I’m very impatient haha!! One of the biggest obstacles I’ve had to overcome

Welcome to the smoke network, looking forwards to your autoflower grow progress pics if you've got em 👍