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Vegetation - they are on a boom! + Topping


Babies are not babies any more - and some new babies - because I love babies!


Super Soil Mix - lets get your hands dirty!


Starting up a new grow! Humboldt - Blue Dream & Bubbas Gift


Grow summary - Harvest - Dude, why my buds wont fit on the screen?


Harvest day - Some Serious Bud Porn - XXX +21 yo only


Blunt before harvest


Lets talk Nutrients and Additives - What I'm mixing in my watering bucket


Whoa man seriously not cool - Botrytis or Grey Mould in field of buds


Meters and water - What is EC and PH meter and why would i want one?


The Cannabis Encyclopedia - Jorge Cervantes


How to roll a Flag and why would you bother - GIF


Complete grow timelapse - Sweet Seeds Automatic femenised mix


A bit of bud porn before bed