Jesus Mortem (25)

Stoner/ Smoker/ Weed farmer/ Pseudo artista con problemas de depresion, pero sin medicacion... No sr policia mis ojos no estan rojos.

🎨 Nexus III - original painting


Radula, a plant that can be called the 'new' cannabis.


🎨 Space-Warp Machine - original ink drawing


Collage art. "Spying the garden" Original art to smoke.


Giveaway!!! New Footers for Everyone!! Check for your name.


Auto Amnesia review


Announcing Witness @xtetrahedron


Wacky name contest- Round 3 ( Winner gets 10 smoke)




"Save my heart" Collage digital. Personal art.


The First Time Shroomer and The Day I Was a Killer


History of the Cannabis, Speaking of ancient history.


Ancient weed - Ancient use


My first give away (50 smoke )


Confessions of a pipe freak #4 Blue Claw


Poetry: What title would you put?


My Original Collage To Promote Art+Gif


Pipe Dream Pilot "Smoke promotion" [A promotional video]