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I am and have been a Cannabis lover for over 20+ years! I have learned to GROW my own meds. I came here to share my pictures & knowledge (& maybe a few laughs)

The first "Share the Smoke" CBD Flower Giveaway!


Annoucement For Solo Cup Challenge Entry Deadline!


Weed Log Diary: Updates & Moving On- With Apology


Here is hopefully my ENTRY into the #SoloCupChallenge


Welp week 10 is here {late}.... The plant has moved again


Solo Cup Challenge!


Monday Grow Update Week 9


My new potting method is a huge time saver for those who hand water


Late Monday grow Update....Check it out


News on my jack the ripper's friend


Monday grow update on was a really long weekend


What Can You Do For ?


My prize from @tecnosgirl & a couple of Chemdawg photos (Buds on the Plant)


Weedtube promo video to get NEW users on


Theweedtube Promoting smoke (700 smoke up for grabs)


Smokingcollection Monday's Cheech and Chong Dabrig!


My view on Reputation and how to grow it