That was out of curiosity___ but Ignorance Excuses No One


A Friend's Token____Sugar-Coated Gummies?


My Vintage Vaper___A Thing of The Past


For The Love of Sativa___ 420Freewrite Contest Entry #2 by @d00k13


legalization of Marijuana


My Entry for 420FreeWrite Contest by @d00k13 Prompt: Indica


THC - Tetrahydrocannabinol and It's effect


Is There A New Link Where To Check Our Data On


Free as a Bird with Smoke! thanks


My Haiku


Entry #4 Munchie of the day Contest by @nona


The Pain Was There, Maryjane Was The Answer


Entry#3 Shrimps for Dinner! Dailymunchie of the day contest by @nona


Free as a Bird!


The Art of Cannabis Portrait


Entry#3 Munchie of the Day by @nona


My Granddaughter's First Pizza!