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@tecnosgirl has a super power - aka Solo Cup final weight


The biggest bud from my Master Yoda grow - broken down for storing


Solo Cup Challenge day 115 - Chop Day!


Lemon Cake and Master Yoda - flushed and chopped


Sampling some Blue Cookies from the Jar. Amazing!


SOLO Cup Challenge Update: Day 50f and getting top heavy!


Blue Cookies - Day 44


SOLO Cup Challenge Update: Day 34 - Starting to get really fun now!


New Grow Channel


Exotic Cookies CBD Flower


Solo cup challenge update and flower tent


Because Shake is beautiful too, I give to you the "shake pack" by mjgeeks!


Solo Cup Challenge Update - Day 10 since flip to flower


Big nug of Peach Puree CBD I harvested a few months ago -- CBD is frosty too!


Sunset Sherbet - fully dry


Flying from LAX to LAS (Vegas) tomorrow. Can I Carry this?


2 Hour Time Lapse: From dying to thriving after a feeding


Purple Gorilla - day 41 - Super frosty and starting to go purple


How 0.5 Grams Took Me to the Moon


Grinder Review: Kozo Large 4 Piece, 2.5", $17