LoWkEy_SmOkEy (31)

I'm 26 years young and a full time photographer/ blogger and cannabis lover I enjoy the outdoors, camping and hiking.

Daily smoke sesh todays nugzz "Holy Grail PR"


🔥💨☮Wake n Bake & Story time "1st time smoking pot" ☮💨🔥


New "Glass Blunt" and pressing Death Star OG rosin.


Smoking some Love potion #1 BLAZE UP!


Rolling up some Strawberry Diesel.


Wake up TWAX joint Mazar x Blueberry mixed with Sour OG wax


Two thing's I'm very passionate about. Cannabis and photography


Mendocino purps+Tahoe og oil and new dome for the rig!


Curation metrics? Upsmoke time?


Video tutorial How to roll a cross joint.


Cinex cross joint!