Infamous (28)

Grows cannabis in the woods.



Got some vape pens from @infamous, review time!


Got a new shipment of goods


Some muntant bud (Polyploid)


Basic Guide for Newbies on the Network


New smoking device


UPDATE/UPGRADE on the Daily Munchie Contest's Rules


White Tahoe Cookie outdoor


Unusual pest problem this season.


Powder mildew is coming!


Smoking on some Lemon Glaze


Week #3 of flowering in the main garden


Another day of laboring


||CONTEST|| Curation High. That's @HowHigh! ||CONTEST||


My entry for #endnugporncensorship contest


Mango OG


WINNER ANNOUNCE! | Get the grams & Get some smokes


Powder mildew is now a common thing


Some mango tree #endnugporncensorship submission