Infamous (28)

Grows cannabis in the woods.



Got some vape pens from @infamous, review time!


Got a new shipment of goods


Some muntant bud (Polyploid)


Basic Guide for Newbies on the Network


New smoking device


UPDATE/UPGRADE on the Daily Munchie Contest's Rules


White Tahoe Cookie outdoor


Can you produce quality cannabis with cheap and easy to find material? (PART 2)


Unusual pest problem this season.


Powder mildew is coming!


Smoking on some Lemon Glaze


Week #3 of flowering in the main garden


Another day of laboring


||CONTEST|| Curation High. That's @HowHigh! ||CONTEST||


My entry for #endnugporncensorship contest


Mango OG


WINNER ANNOUNCE! | Get the grams & Get some smokes


Powder mildew is now a common thing


Some mango tree #endnugporncensorship submission