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My Grow update: End Of Week 3(Three)

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Joy of a cake grower|My big Ladies are glowing 😊

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Satisfaction guaranteed..😎 Care to join?

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My Grow Update: End of week 2(Two)

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This is For you new growers, + Dlamini's Grow 😁(Respect Man)

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Has anyone had this happen during germination lol

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My Grow update: End of week one

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Quick question on my outdoor Grow

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Update: IGBO4CAKE is Setting up a large double screen scrog

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[Growth]: A few seedlings of my new grow.

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[Growth]: Yo! First Outdoor Grow, I need advice

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I currently have 5 grows on the go atm πŸ’¨

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Someone is in love with Mary Jane 😍

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