Heaterville (34)

Passionate 420 Smoker, Terphunter, Music Producer


Seth Rogan and his new cannabis company "HousePlant"


# My Over The Weekend STASH!!


Back at the Dispensary! Smoking Mother's Milk!


Too busy Smoking this Thin Mints to show it off!


Long Story Short .....


I Think Im Good for a while!




Cookies and Cream by Fleur! 🍪🥛🍦


What a Hazy week 💨💨💨💨💨


Wax on Wax Off!! 3 different flavors!


Went back to the Reef and scooped up some VKush at $10 a gram!!💨


Smoking some Mango Kush 31% THC


SFV (San Fernando Valley) OG by Medizin is 🔥


From Seed To Smoke #1: The beginning of my journey!!!!


Smoking This Black Flag got me Waving the White Flag!


Banana OG by Medizin!🍌


My visit at Reef Dispensary!


Happy New Years Eve with some SFV OG from Reef Dispensary!


Merry Xmas with some Jungle Cake by Jungle Boys!!


Nightime at State of the Art Dispensary Planet 13!!! (Pt 2)