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Recreational Cannabis Farmer

Story time #1 Pork edition 🐖


Another day on the farm


I got a little dirty while running and cleaning my trim machine 🤣


Got some vape pens from @infamous, review time!


A few small baggies getting ready to be rolled up


A White Christmas


Mushroom growing from underground burn wood


🇹🇭 Thailand 🇹🇭 Great cannabis news!


New smoking device


Curation High Contest Results !


Pheno 51 is back on the menu! But it's a bit different this time


CBD Vape oil review


White Tahoe Cookie outdoor


Vote for SMOKE to be listed in Cryptaldash Exchange


Unusual pest problem this season.


Powder mildew is coming!


Kanha Treats edibles by Sunderstorm


Munchies Of The Day! 🇰🇷 HOTTEOK 🇰🇷