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I love my job - another happy customer and retro grow unit shipped!


Predict The Price Of Smoke - Contest #22 💰




My latest build project, I introduce myself and a pc grow box give away soon!


First Time Grower | Royal Dwarf Auto


It's good to be back home I missed you smoke community!


540 Watts of DIY LEDs for $27... Shipped?!?!? Oh Yeah!! :D


Moving forward I am making my dream a reality.


Funny as hell meme


My Stealth PC Grow Box Review


Grow Journal Entry: Air inlet ducting and fan installation done!


Grow Journal Entry: Flowering update she's starting to pack out!


Ready for harvest in 8 weeks: The fastest cannabis strain I could find.


Use this schedule to predict your plants’ growth


Micro Grow Experiment: And yet another conclusion, moving forward.


There is a chemical in weed called F$%^ It 🤣🤣🤣


Grow Diary: The Seedlings Were Moved To The Bato Buckets


Theweedtube Promoting smoke (700 smoke up for grabs)